There's a lot to look forward to.

Working with the Standard Life team to enable them to align around a common purpose and belief. One that would inspire their colleagues, clients and customers to move forward.


    Standard Life

  • DATE:

    May 2017 - Jan 2018


    Company Purpose and Positioning

Our Mission

To uncover, distil, test and capture the value proposition, purpose and positioning for Standard Life and each of their channel offerings – customer, workplace and adviser. To create a story that would recognise and celebrate the brand’s heritage and credibility but give it new momentum and relevance within the market to help drive forward the ambitions of tomorrow.

We needed to shift their thinking, ensuring that beliefs were in alignment and articulated in a compelling and concise way, externally and internally – across both teams and functions.

We worked with over 100 people across the business, face to face in working sessions, using archetypes, proven storytelling techniques, customer insights and co-creation to help us understand, refine and articulate our purpose and channel positioning.

Our Impact

‘To move you forward in a way that makes sense and matters to you’

We defined Standard Life’s purpose, expressed through their ‘golden thread’ – a sentiment, and subsequently a design device, that runs through every element of their brand communication and business.

From their purpose, we were also able to build their brand platform bringing it to life through their new tagline, and belief: there’s a lot to look forward to.

Together we inspired and aligned the team around a common sense of purpose. We also delivered a new brand positioning that has impacted Standard Life customers in a hugely positive way – giving the brand improved resonance and new meaning.

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