Bringing a sustainable retail brand to life

We created and brought to life a new retail proposition, that is now challenging the trend, and planning to continue to do so, by rolling-out a differentiated bricks and mortar, ‘treasure-hunter’ shopping experience across the UK in 2020.

Duration: 6 months

3 devoted team members

+ personality and positioning

+ proposition story capture

+ messaging and brand storytelling

+ identity look and feel

+ brand strategy

+ GTM planning and activation

The Brief

All Good Things wanted to launch a different type of fashion outlet and to test the proposition within the marketplace ahead of a major rollout. The USP? Their desire to operate as a sustainable reseller business model by offering limited and heavily discounted (unsold and/or fragmented) stock from designer clothing brands. Stock that otherwise would have been destroyed.



We needed to bring to life their brand mission and a story that was reflective of the business’s ethos, principles and personality. This had to be developed in combination with a sophisticated, impactful and appealing look and feel for the All Good Things brand - a standout design that could be applied to their stores as well as their multi-channel communication/marketing materials.



When it came to their brand strategy, we were well aware that, within the marketplace today most fashion retailers operate heavily, sometimes exclusively online, with huge digital platforms to sell and promote their brands. How were we going to put the trial stores on the map? How could we create customer resonance, brand difference and an exceptional experience?


We needed not to just land the brand with impact in the discounted labels shopping space, but we needed to prove that the sustainable fashion space made a sustainable business case for All Good Things. 

agt copy.jpeg
Our Response

To ensure the brand platform was distinctive, authentic, and appealing. That it was developed (visually and verbally) ready to be tested, trialled, adapted and experienced through pilot stores - with the master brand assets (name, colour, font, tagline and principles) remaining consistent and intact. 


Together we worked hard to ensure that the All Good Things story was able to strike the right balance between high end and low price - a difficult blend when selling designer labels at 60% off. 


By identifying the archetype the business embodied, the design and brand principles it would stand by and by agreeing and shaping what we believed to be the right tone, based on customer insight, we were able to capture a story and produce a design style that All Good Things felt could only be theirs.


We fused two styles using minimal photography, white space, geometric shapes and an impactful colour to communicate All Good Things was a new type of place, a place where good fashion lived, good fashion that didn’t cost the earth. 


The Outcome

We built a brand from promise and principles up. We brought to life an authentic and enticing story, and created a platform that would enable All Good Things to find new and exciting ways to interact and engage with their customers.


From the look and feel to the concepts for launch. From the words on store walls to the in-store experience, together with All Good Things, we’re immensely proud to have supported them starting to build a sustainable brand that is ready for impact and set for growth.


The result? Well with two of the All Good Things pilot stores now open, we will find out soon!